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‘What size skip do I need?’

The question of how to select the right skip size for the job is always foremost for people who have never hired a skip before, plus there is usually a need to balance the right skip size against a desire to select the most economical option possible. However, if you are choosing between two skip sizes then we always recommend selecting the larger skip. This is because it is illegal for us to transport skips that have been overfilled.

A skip is defined as overfull when the material has been piled up above the lip of the skip, or when the material is too heavy for the skip. This means that sometimes an effort to save money by selecting a smaller skip size could turn out to be a false economy, as unfortunately, we will have no choice but to remove some of the material before the skip can be taken away. If this is the case then some kind of additional waste removal service will be required, and hiring two small skips is certainly less cost-effective than hiring one larger one!

kip Sizes Surrey

If you need guidance on skip sizes then we are always happy to help, and you’ll find lots of information to help you choose the right skip size on our online booking page. Alternatively, here is a quick rundown of the skip sizes we offer:

6 yard skip
8 yard skip – This is the most common size
10 yard skip
12 yard skip

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