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Waste Management Plans

Since 2008 a site waste management plan has been a requirement for all construction projects with an estimated cost of more than £300,000. A site waste management plan needs to describe how the waste created by a construction project will be managed and minimised. The level of detail required will depend on the total value of the project.

Thanks to the recent investments at our recycling centre 2020 Recycling can:
Carry out a complete audit of all construction waste processed at our facility
Help you to comply with the conditions of your waste management plan
For projects valued at more than £500,000 we can supply all the necessary figures, including information on:
How much of each waste stream was processed
What proportion was recovered or recycled
How much went to landfill
In addition to providing a waste audit for compliance purposes, 2020 Recycling can also offer consultation and advice to help with the practical aspects of your site waste management plan.

Please contact us for further information about our waste management plan service.

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