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Mixed Waste Recycling Surrey

The term ‘mixed waste’ refers to any quantity of waste made up of other unsorted waste types. Mixed waste from domestic sources often comes in the form of junk from house clearances or DIY/gardening projects, but the vast majority of the mixed waste processed by 2020 Recycling comes from commercial sources, usually construction.

This could include:
Green waste
Any of the other waste streams described on these pages
Mixed waste:
Unsorted mixed waste accounts for about 95% of the waste we receive
Mixed waste recycling involves separating it out into more specific waste streams
Waste is then passed on to the appropriate specialists for further processing
By following this process and making every effort to recover as much material as possible
Approximately 85% of the mixed waste that we currently received is diverted away from landfill and is either reused or recycled
Please contact us about your mixed waste recycling requirement.

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